How to Open a Perfume Bottle? The Basics You Should Know

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Perfume is not just a smell but an emotion, memory, passion, biology, and much more! It is like an invisible accessory and glamour magician, enhancing our attractiveness, evoking unique emotions, and leaving a lasting impression on others.

In case your parts of perfume bottles are damaged or you would like to test or refill a perfume bottle, learning a new skill, like how to open a perfume bottle, can help a lot. Read this instructional guide about the basics of how to open a perfume bottle and expert tips on perfume packaging solutions.

Before Opening a Perfume Bottle

Follow the instructions below before you learn how to open a perfume bottle.

1. Wash Hands

Washing our hands before opening the perfume bottle ensures that any lingering scents or residues on our hands won’t interfere with the true essence of the fragrance.

2. Remove the Protective Seals

Most perfume bottles come with protective seals. After carefully inspecting the bottle for any plastic wraps, foil, or other seals, gently remove it to ensure that it does not damage the bottle or spill any precious liquid.

3. Shake Gently to Mix the Perfume

Some perfumes have multiple layers of notes. It’s beneficial to shake the perfume bottle gently to mix the different components. But avoid vigorous shaking.

How to Conquer Different Types of Perfume Bottle Designs

Perfume bottles are made from a variety of materials, mainly glass, metal, or plastic. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes. With time, the perfume industry is rapidly evolving, as we can see much technological progress, changing tastes, and brand personas. How to open a perfume bottle?  By understanding the type and design of the perfume bottle, we can easily open it.


1. Glass Stopper

The glass stopper is a classic design. This design is found in vintage perfume bottles, exuding an air of timeless elegance. To open a perfume bottle with a glass stopper, gently twist it counterclockwise while pulling upwards.

2. Cork or Other Stoppered

In these bottles, instead of a glass stopper, we use a cork or alternative type of stopper to seal the fragrance. To open cork-stoppered perfume bottles, firmly hold the base of the bottle. Grasp the cork and twist it gently while pulling upward.

3. Twist-Off Cap

A twist-off cap is commonly used in modern perfume bottle designs. Simply secure the grip and twist the cap counterclockwise (left) to open. The nozzle or stopper is revealed when the cap is loosened and removed.

4. Roll-On

Roll-on perfumes typically come in small, portable bottles with a spherical ball at the top. You can easily roll it across the skin. These bottles usually do not need to be opened, but if you do need to open them, use pliers.

5. Spray Nozzle

Who doesn’t love the fine mist of their favorite fragrances from perfume bottles? The spray nozzle dispenses the fragrance in a mist. But how to open a perfume bottle? Hold the bottle with one hand and use the fingers of your other hand to press down on the spray nozzle. Keep the bottle at a distance, press and simultaneously rotate the nozzle anti-clockwise, and the nozzle will pop out.

If it is stuck, try turning it slightly, or after removing the nozzle, use a tack or needle with warm water to clean the nozzle opening.

6. Dabber

Dabber bottles are less common designs. They have a rod attached to the cap for applying the perfume. So, can we know how to open a perfume bottle? To open parts of the perfume bottle, simply remove the cap or  twist it gently.

Expert Tips: The Importance of Perfume Packaging Solutions


Having learned the tips related to how to open a perfume bottle, one has to think about the design of the bottle itself. When it comes to perfume packaging solutions, preserving fragrance integrity along with achieving the aesthetic appeal of the perfume must be taken seriously. It directly impacts fragrance marketing, influencing design, branding, and user experience. A distinguished and high-end one-stop perfume bottle packaging solution for all custom needs plays a vital role at this moment.

Fonli Packaging is a trusted partner in the perfume industry that is committed to creativity and reliable delivery quality. It is dedicated to the development and private customization of perfume packaging and offers a wide range of options and solutions. With its innovative approach to perfume packaging, the Fonli Packaging team of creative experts collaborates with clients and brings unique and captivating designs to life. From concept to execution, Fonli Packaging makes sure that each packaging solution reflects the essence of the fragrance it encases.

Your ultimate luxury destination for perfume packaging.

Fonli Packaging is a premium partner in perfume packaging solutions. Our commitment to custom perfume bottles and cutting-edge decoration technology ensures that every detail is meticulously crafted.

With a focus on user experience and quality, we are redefining tradition and always adhering to international standards. Fonli Packaging invites you to be a part of the journey where practicality meets creativity, setting your brand apart with distinctive, value-enhancing designs.

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