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Every bottle has a story to tell. At Fonli Packaging, your glass becomes a canvas for art, where precision meets elegance to craft exclusive perfume bottles that truly stand out.

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Your all-in-one luxury perfume packaging destination

We offer you a wide selection of premium glass bottles, caps, boxes, and various perfume accessories. With us, you can rest assured that you have a comprehensive packaging solution at your fingertips.

Transform your idea from concept into exquisite, tangible realities.

We craft the essence of your brand. Elevate your brand’s presence with our seamless transition from concept to reality, where every detail is a testament to precision and sophistication.

Various decorations to dress your perfume up

We offer you a range of advanced perfume decoration options to embellish your bottle design, and enhance its artistic value. Let your perfume make a striking impression amid intense competition.

AQL standards to ensure your quality excellence

Our meticulous attention to detail extends from material selection to the production process, with different testing methods employed for each different perfume packaging product.

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We prioritize meeting the specific packaging requirements of yours, no matter where you are located around the world.


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Customized Designs, Classical Bottle, Bakhoor/Cream Jar, Essential Oil Bottle, Home Fragrance, Perfume Box/Bag, Perfumery Accessories...

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Your Partner in Perfume Packaging Innovation

Fonli Packaging is more than a company; it's a hub of innovation committed to the development and production of the finest perfume packaging. We focus on private customization and offer one-stop solutions while constantly innovating to meet users' desires for new experiences and quality.




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Contact us today to see how we can transform your bottle with our reliable and elegant packaging solutions.


Production Insight

We handle every aspect of the trade process for you and provide you with the latest information at every critical moment, such as production details.

As a leading perfume bottle supplier, we have a daily production capacity of over 400,000 units, ensuring that your orders are fulfilled with the utmost speed and efficiency.

With our decoration service, including coating, metallizing, cracking, engraving, etc., you can create unique artwork to enhance the beauty and appeal of your perfume bottles.

We offer a variety of cap raw materials, like Zamac, Plastic, Surlyn, etc,. to ensure that your perfume caps are crafted from the most suitable one, enhancing both the design and functionality.

We utilize Heidelberg Printing Machines, specifically the Speedmaster XL 106 and Speedmaster CX 102, to guarantee exceptional quality finishing for your boxes, bags, and various packaging needs.

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Our Happy Clients Said

We wanted to thank you Fonli. Don't know how to put it in words but just know that it means a lot for us what you have done. Your support, dedication, and speed is really unbelievable. You impressed us with such a great management of providing samples in such a short notice from thousands of kilometers away. We are really lucky to have a partner like you as a company.

John Smith


I never found a company that able to meet my criteria of packaging such as Fonli. With Fonli l can be less headacheand, be more creative in designing new perfume bottle packaging for my client because Fonli provides super quality packaging material, resources and service. You name it, they will get it for you less headache. Thank you so much.

Elena Miles


We have been more than 10 years in perfume business, we are really struggling to find the packaging supplier what we need and expected. Finally, we find the best supplier for us! Fonli Packaging that can offer us very fast solution, reasonable price and of course satisfied quality.We are more than happier to work with Fonli to expanding our brand to worldwide.

Thomas Walter

Purchase Dept.


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Enhancing the value and unique characteristics of your perfume is our top priority. Our expert team is fully equipped to tackle any challenges you may face and offer a comprehensive array of solutions.

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Our team is here ready to offer any perfume packaging solutions that you need. 

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We share some knowledge about perfume packaging monthly, hope to help you get some idea to enhance your brand.

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Unlocking Elegance: Elevate Your Brand with Fonli’s Perfume Bottle Decoration

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