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We talk about the uniqueness of the glass bottle material, we can also highlight the characteristics of the product according to the diversification of the process.

Conventional post-process of perfume bottle: gradual spray painting, solid paint, transparent paint, feel paint, crack paint, printing, decal, polishing, bronzing, laser, water transfer, screen printing, frosting, flocking, cracking, 3D printing, electroplating, color coating, frosting, etching, etc. Now our mainstream post-process is: spraying, bronzing basic 70-80% of the products will choose to do spraying and bronzing.

Perfume bottles have traditionally been made of polished bottles, but later appeared in the frosting process, which also led a fashion trend.

Real gold printing: The advantage is that it has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Due to high temperature baking, part of the real gold has been integrated into the glass, so the adhesion of the real gold process is first-class, even the use of a knife can not be shaved off. Also known as silk screen gold, because the raw material is real 24K gold. However, the special ink for the lack of real gold process is made of gold, and the cost is quite high. And because there will be high temperature baking, so the requirements for the bottle type are higher.

Gilding process: the advantage is that it is a printing method different from screen printing. Gilding is composed of a silk screen printing and a gilding 2 processes, which can have a sense of prominence and better present the customer’s design graphics. Disadvantages Because the material is aluminum foil, the quality and effect at home and abroad are uneven. Corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, uneven adhesion.

Sanding process: The advantage is that it can give people a sensory difference, and it can also increase the adhesion of screen printing. However, the disadvantage is that the sanding process will produce environmental pollution.

Spraying process: The advantage is that the color selected by the customer can be displayed on the bottle by half spray, gradual spray, two-color spray, and seven-color spray. In the past two years, there has been a process of spraying effect inside the bottle of perfume bottles, but mass production has not been achieved in China, because it is not guaranteed that the paint and content used for spraying will not react.

Polishing process: There is also a similar polishing treatment of crystal glass, which is to polish the surface of the bottle, and the effect is similar to that of zinc alloy polishing, which is used more in many Middle Eastern countries.

There is also a production difficulty in the minimum order quantity requirements, because the mainstream production demand is to control the inventory, in the bottle online production, cold mold and hot mold time control takes 3 hours, and in the production process there are some adjustments more time-consuming, so in the production of the output is required.

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