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There are many types of packaging materials for perfume products, such as glass bottles, aluminum cans, PET blow-molded bottles and other packaging containers. But as the mainstream perfume container, it is a glass bottle. We also mainly talk about perfume glass products today.

Why do perfumes choose glass bottles as the main container? There are three main differences from other material containers.

  1. the glass bottle has good airtightness and good chemical stability with the material in the bottle, which reduces the problems caused by the volatilization of perfume.
  2. perfume glass bottles can withstand high temperature packaging, and can maintain the stability of the material in high temperature environments, such as in cars.
  3. in terms of appearance, glass bottles are more textured than plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

Perfume is a volatile item, so the storage conditions and materials are very strict. Glass products do not have other chemical components such as plastics. Glass products must be melted at thousands of degrees before they can be produced. The material has been processed by high temperature during this process, which avoids a lot of trouble. Moreover, another advantage of glass products is its transparency, which can clearly see the appearance of the items in the glass bottle. This is also an important aspect of people’s liking for glass packaging.

Cosmetic-grade glass bottles have good chemical stability and are not easy to react with the contents; they have good transparency, good heat resistance and are not easy to deform; they have high compressive strength and internal pressure resistance; Good preservation, easy to seal, can be sealed again after opening, etc.

Moreover, the structure and shape of glass bottles can be designed in various ways according to the needs of product packaging, which can be realized by changing the mold during manufacture. The bottle cap design that matches the glass bottle is very important, especially the design of the perfume bottle and bottle cap, which has rich and diverse shapes. Generally, transparent glass bottles of various colors are used for packaging. Various patterns are produced to increase the decorative effect of the bottle body; the size and specification of the bottle vary according to the characteristics, requirements and grades of the perfume and essence contained in it; the bottle cap design has good sealing performance, beautiful and changeable shape, and can play a very good decorative role; The bottle body generally does not print patterns, but shows the clear and transparent characteristics of the product. Trademarks and patterns are generally printed on the bottle cap, or a nameplate logo is hung on the bottle neck.

The above is the reason why the perfume bottle is made of glass, and the perfume itself is relatively volatile, and the good airtightness of the glass bottle is just suitable for storage.For more details, please visit our online website.

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